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AmazingWool visited H+H Cologne in Koeln!

We're extremely happy to visit the H+H Cologne in Koeln last weekend! It was just fabulous and amazing to see all the updates from our partners and potential yarn brands to work with.

We're have 2 awesome pieces of news for you!

1. We're the only one distributor of Italian yarns from Mondial in the Netherlands. It's such a huge honor for us and we hope to continue making you happy with these truly delightful yarns! Stay tuned for the new arrivals!

2. Do you remember we used to have some logistic difficulties with the Opium yarn by KindCole? It looks like we're able to order some more pretty soon! Hope to be able to get back to you with more details as soon as possible! Yay!

Have you seen our highlighted stories on Instagram? Go have a look at some beauty we were able to film on Saturday!

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