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One skein - one project

Every knitter (and crocheter) sooner or later have been into a situation when they run out of yarn. We know the pain! Finding the needed color lot can be a truly hard quest, that's why we love one-skein projects, when you can relax and go with the flow with your project!

Meet TAKE ME HOME by Mondial, which has a perfect size of 250 g in a skein, totally enough for an accessories set or a large shawl, just like Alena Abel (@abelknit on Instagram) made! Take me home is soft and warm, yet durable and the stripes are just lovely, so that you'll never get bored while you knit it!

For more info and colors of TAKE ME HOME by Mondial visit the collection page:

TAKE ME HOME is an evenly twisted yarn, both good for your knitting and crochet projects, you can find the necessary tools here:

Do you like shawls? We love them!

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