Perfect shawl from one ball of yarn Scheepjes Whirl

Aren’t we all on the lookout for a one ball project with impact?

You want to see the results of your loving stitches and loops but you don’t want it to take forever or compromise on quality. The key to getting the best of both worlds is to choose the right yarn. Subtle, graded colour and a wearable feel.

Scheepjes Whirl yarn is a light, soft mix of cotton and acrylic that forms a natural gradient when you use our shawl pattern.

At 2 meters long, the shawl comfortably wraps around your shoulders and shows the ombre coloured effect beautifully. This shawl is in color 786 but with our wide range of yarns in the Whirl, Whirl Ombre Wool and Wooly Whirl lines you will be spoiled for choice at our web store.

With yarns in gentle pastel ombre through to the celestial hues of the Northern Lights, you can’t go wrong. 

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