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Cone yarns - new page in Amazingwool.com

Dear friends! We're incredibly happy each time we manage to order something amazing and new, and this time is not an exception!

Meet new page in Amazingwool.com - cone yarns from Italy!

They have multiple advantages, such as:

1) You can adjust number of strands you use - especially needed for thin and very thin yarns. 

2) You can add a strand of cone yarn to any other yarn to get something absolutely new and different.

3) You have less ends to weave in - this is one of the most unloved procedure, no matter if you knit or crochet.

4) Incredible fiber contents on a reasonable price.

Definitely worth trying! 

More info about the shop update and each yarn in stock here:

Cone yarns - new page in AmazingWool.com

Do you like cone yarns? 

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