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Cristallo by Mondial - perfect draping

What do we know about viscose? Generally it is regenerated manufactured fiber, made from cellulose or protein, obtained by the viscose process. Because viscose is usually made from renewable plants, it is frequently cited as being environmentally friendly, and sustainable. 

Sometimes you can find that viscose is artificial silk and there's a lot of true in this statement - viscose is shiny and drapes really well.

Cristallo, with it's 60% Viscose and 40% Microfiber content is both - well draping and strong so you won't have to bother about it's durability - it's of highest standards. 

Julia (@svyazhi_sama on Instagram) knows a lot about yarns and we're happy she's chosen this wonderful one for her new dress.

Have you tried viscose yarns? Do you like it?

For more info about this yarn and purchase please visit our webstore:


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