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New pattern Simple Whirl Shawl

A brand new pattern with a pdf and video guide has just landed at Amazing Wool! What could better than a variegated yarn, that gives effortless colour changes? A variegated yarn in an easy care cotton acrylic blend, that comes in a project sized skein and drapes effortlessly? Almost, but best of all is this pattern, that allows you to turn any of over 50 colour blends into a snuggly shawl.

Head straight to the https://amazingwool.com/collections/patterns-shawls/products/knitting-pattern-simple-whirl-shawl to get your copy. You could be making your foundation chain in minutes! With no awkward places to join skeins or colour changes and a perfect step by step guide, this pattern is ideal for an expert or a novice.

Tap into the theme of the moment with the rainbow yarn or go for a gentle gradient, there will be an option to reflect you. The pattern is simple, straight forward and requires only a simple 3.5 or 4mm needles. With the easy to follow video tutorial that is perfect for those of us who love to learn visually, it is accessible and a pleasure to learn for every crafter.

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