Gütermann Textile Glue tube

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Gütermann Textile Glue tube 30 g 

The ideal adhesive for all your art and craft needs! Gütermann HT2 is an effective wash-resistant adhesive glue purpose made for gluing yarn, cotton, denim, linen, felt and many more fibres together. This glue is designed to dry clear, remain flexible, as well as become stronger when ironed over (at a temperature suited to the fabric type).

Not suitable for acetate (e.g. lining fabrics) coated fabrics and polystyrene.

Application for textiles: Apply to one side and allow the glued strip to dry for 7 minutes. Place the pieces together, iron for 5-10 seconds (at the temperature suitable for the fabric).

Separating the glued seam: Iron once more and immediately separate the two pieces.

Modifying the glued seam: Once the seam has been separated secure the new seam and iron.

Application for fine flexible materials: Apply glue thinly to one side and allow to dry for 5 minutes. Place the pieces together, applying slight pressure.

Application for stiff, firm materials: Apply thinly on both surfaces to be glued, Allow the layer of glue to dry for 15 minutes, Apply a second thin layer of glue to one of the glued surfaces, immediately place the pieces together and press firmly.

Removing glue: dissolve the glue immediately with acetone and remove. Before applying acetone, always test for color fastness on a part of the fabric, which will not be visible.

Keep tube in box.

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